AI-driven video collaboration
for Claims and Underwriting

Empowering the insurance industry with AI-driven streaming services that enhance data collection.

Guide Stream for Claims Guide Stream for Underwriting

Guide Stream 360
for Claims

Bring your claims assessment team on-site with AI-driven virtual streaming services that save time and resources when they matter most.

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Guide Stream 360
for Underwriting

Guide Stream 360 is the ultimate platform for virtually obtaining comprehensive interior and exterior property data through the eyes of your policyholders.

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Collect critical information. Anywhere. Anytime.


Utilant’s Guide Stream 360 allows users to request live video consultations, enabling the remote collection of underwriting and claims data. Anywhere. Anytime.

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Common benefits for insurance organizations of all types

Benefit from a video collaboration platform built by insurance professionals and backed by years of industry-focused data across Utilant’s InsurTech Product Suite.

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An AI-driven Conversation with your customers

Leverage automatic photo labeling, risk alerts, recommendation injection and more!

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Seamlessly Integrated with
Utilant’s Loss Control 360

Automatically order surveys on qualified risks, and sync all collected information between Guide Stream and your instance of LC360.

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No app needed!

Guide Stream 360 is a web-based application that does not require an app to be installed for the mentor or policyholder.

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