What is Guide Stream 360?

Guide Stream 360 revolutionizes the underwriting and claims process with a variety of features designed to virtually identify and document property data. Guide policyholders with an AI-driven interface that makes data collection a breeze, saving you time while validating data and eliminating potential for errors.

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Intelligent data collection from anywhere in the world

Empower your staff to remotely take and identify photos, fill form answers, and make recommendations as if they were on-site.

Photo and Video Capture

Collect video and photo data in real-time, captured directly from a live feed of your policyholders mobile device.

Image Labeling

Enable mentors to manually identify and labels items of importance throughout the course of a session.

AI Photo/Video Identification

Automatically identify labels in real-time with an AI-driven platform trained on years of industry-focused data.

AI Risk Alerts

Trigger automatic risk alerts and recommendation injection on both photos and dynamic video input.

No App Required

Engage with your policyholders without the need for an app to be installed for either party, no matter the device.

Mentor Instructions

Provide your mentors with instructions to promote a consistent and professional experience across all sessions.

Session Chat

Keep in contact with the policyholder through text chat when the need arises throughout any session.

Session Recorded/Stored

The recorded video session, photos, labels, tags and chats are used to create a full timeline report stored in the cloud.

Guide Stream
for Claims

Bring your claims assessment team on-site with AI-driven virtual streaming services that save time and resources when they matter most.

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Guide Stream
for Underwriting

Guide Stream 360 is the ultimate platform for virtually obtaining comprehensive interior and exterior property data through the eyes of your policyholders.

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