Seamlessly integrated with Loss Control 360

The Best-in-Class Survey Management Platform for Loss Control & Premium Audit Surveys

Add to a LC360 Survey

Guide Stream 360 can be added as a form to any survey in Loss Control 360.

Policyholder Scheduling

After the form is added, an invite is sent to the policyholder where they can start a session or pick a future date/time based on availability.

Notifications Sent

The mentor will receive a calendar notification or immediately starts the session from within LC360.

Guide Stream Session

The mentor collects pertinent survey data on behalf of the policyholder, while filling form information in LC360.

Session Review

The session’s recording and pictures are presented to the mentor for final review before closing the session.


Upon completion, the recorded video session, photos, tags and chats are used to create a full timeline report that is transferred directly back to the LC360 survey.

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