Virtual property surveys for enhanced underwriting

Equipping underwriters with an AI-driven solution for virtually collecting comprehensive interior and exterior property data through the eyes of your policyholders.

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How does your team benefit?

Increase Efficiency

Save time virtually surveying qualified risks while benefiting from AI-driven risk insights that enhance data collection.

Reduce Costs

Eliminate the survey expenses associated with transportation, the allocation of field staff and time spent on traditional survey workflow.

Seamlessly Integrated

Transfer and leverage all collected session data seamlessly to Utilant’s Loss Control 360 or other core insurance systems.

AI Photo/Video Identification

Automatically identify and label items within a session triggering actionable insights such as risk alerts and recommendations.

Seamlessly Integrated with
Utilant’s Loss Control 360

Automatically order surveys on qualified risks, and sync all collected information between Guide Stream and your instance of LC360.

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How does it work?

Invite Sent

An invite is sent to the policyholder where they can start a session or pick a future date/time based on availability.

Mentor Notified

The mentor will receive a calendar notification or immediately starts the session.

Guide Stream Session

The mentor collects pertinent survey information including video and photos, on behalf of the policyholder.

Session Review

The session’s recording and pictures are presented to the mentor for final review before closing the session.


Upon completion, the recorded video session, photos, tags and chats are used to create and store a full timeline report.

Guide Stream
for Claims

Bring your claims assessment team on-site with AI-driven virtual streaming services that save time and resources when they matter most.

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Guide Stream
for Underwriting

Guide Stream 360 is the ultimate platform for virtually obtaining comprehensive interior and exterior property data through the eyes of your policyholders.

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